Potato Samosa

1 pkg spring roll wrappers

2 large potatoes

0.5 cup frozen peas

1.5 tsp cumin seeds

1 Tb coriander seeds

1 tsp chili flakes

1 Tb lemon juice 2

Tbs chopped coriander (or mint)

vegetable oil for deep frying

Thaw wrappers & set aside covered with a cloth Peel and dice potatoes, cook until just tender Boil peas until just coked and drain Toast the corainder seeds & cumin seeds in a dry pan until they are aromatic. Add the chili flakes & toast briefly. Grind these in a spice grinder or w/a mortar Mix potatoes, peas, spices, lemon juice, and chopped coriander or mint. Separate wrappers and cut into 4 cm strips Place a heaping teasproonful of the filling at one end and then fold the wrapper over it diagonally. Fold again so teh lower edge is square, and then again to make a diagonal. Keep folding this way right up the wrapper so that at the end you have a trangle and the filiing is completely enclosed. Wet the edge of the wrapper and seal by pressing ddown lightly. Deep fry in small batches until golden brown, turning twice. Remove and drain well. Serve hot. (goes well with mint chutney or strawberry jam).